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Welcome to the 2016 Defend Freedom Tour!

Concerned Veterans for America is excited to announce that in 2016, the Defend Freedom Tour will be our largest – and most important movement in our history! If you’ve attended a Defend Freedom Tour event before, you know how inspiring they are. Our nationwide tour will bring together veterans, military family members, and patriotic Americans to make it loud and clear that our country is still worth fighting for!

2016 will be the year that we #DefendFreedom and take back the America we know and love. With 22 million veterans in America — and over 80 million military family members — we have the potential to make an enormous impact in shaping the future of this country. And it begins now.

The Defend Freedom Tour is the place to join the movement today and get involved. At each Defend Freedom Tour stop, Concerned Veterans for America welcomes all patriots to commit to the movement at our “Tour of Duty” 2016 Action Center. With your participation, “Tour of Duty” will forever scribe our efforts into history books and take OUR work to a new level.

Veterans and their families know firsthand the struggles and sacrifice necessary to preserve the freedom we enjoy in this country. We’ve led on the front lines and we’ve given our sons, our daughters, our husbands, our wives, our mothers, and our fathers to advance that freedom. Today, that sacrifice is met with waitlist scandals to protect personal gain at the Department of Veterans Affairs, a continuously gutted military that compromises readiness, and foreign policy guided by leading from behind.

We don’t find this acceptable and we don’t think you do either. Together, our voices, leadership, and love of this country can bring about real change and improve the lives of those we love and those we gave so much for.

The Defend Freedom Tour is family friendly and FREE to attend, featuring live patriotic music, a lineup of inspirational speakers, and a delicious taste of local fare. The 2016 Tour will also provide immediate ways for attendees to volunteer to join our cause.

Patriots on tour include: Patriotic rock band Madison Rising, Navy SEAL Gold Star mother Karen Vaughn, and popular country music star Ayla Brown.

Register now and reserve your seat to come #DefendFreedom and make a difference in your community, in your country. See you there, patriots.

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